I’m Hafiz uddin Khan

About Me.

design is my passion

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I started my online career with professional blogging in 2009. Later i started learning graphic design, frontend development and WordPress. 

I started my design  and development career in 2013. Since then, I’ve worked with lots of clients and companies. 

I focused on Product Design in 2014 and started working full time as a Product Designer in 2016.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced UX/UI

good to know.

I’m a Product Designer, frontend and WordPress developer. I can design any web layout, can convert it into html/css or WordPress. 

Work Experience.

I’ve worked with lots of individual clients and companies in various marketplace. I’ve started working as virtual assistant later it tuned into graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Product Designer, front-end and WordPress developer.


I’m a self taught guy who learn from mistakes! I’ve learnt designing and development from various online learning platform like Lynda, Udemy, Team tree house, Skill Share, Tutsplus, Learnable and lots of other platform like w3schools. 

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


UI/UX design

Product Design is my core skill today. I can design any web layout that is modern, stylish and functional.


Frontend Development

I enjoy coding in html/css. I love to see a functional page that coded from a static design. It feels great!



I love WordPress. I’m developing WordPress websites from 2009, before I learnt web development technology like html, css or Javascript. 

more about me


Beside working, I also have a different life where I do lots of other things.


I love travelling. Its my dream to travel the whole world. But before that, I’ve to travel my own country. 


Books are my best friend. In my earlier age, I read lots of novel. But currently most of the time I read books for skill development.


I love to watch movies. Family drama, comedy and romance is my favorite genre. 


Music is like my Oxygen. I always listen music while working. From heavy metal to local folk, I listen all.

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