WordPress Terminology

Terminology is the keyword that used in a system to express something. In WordPress there are some special words and combination of words that is used to understand particular things.

Here is some of them


the greatest loop. WordPress has a great thing which is its loop! in the development environment, loop is as much popular as WordPress!


the url is called as slug. the user friendly url.

WordPress hook

WordPress look is the most exciting thing about WordPress. All the flexibility that WordPress has, comes from hook. There are two types of hook, action hook & filter hook.


the php files where we write our code to show content is called template. Different section of the template is called template part.

template tag

WordPress php functions that are related to showing content in WordPress is called template tag.

page template

when we want to show a specific page using a specific php file, that is called page template.

template hierarchy

this is order of page to show a content type in WordPress.

admin bar

this is the topbar of WordPress for the user. there are lots of options there. you can add your too.

post format

WordPress has different type of post formats.


permalink is the url of a post.

taxonomy and terms

simply the category and tags of the post. you can add your own.


a collection of post which could be months collection or any authors collection.


sidebar is the are where we can show widgets.


widget is a function that show some specific content.


shortcode is a system that show any internal or external content in a short way.

role & capabilities

WordPress has different roles and each roles has its own capabilites.


every page in WordPress is a screen. there are also screen options in the admin bar.

text editor

WordPress uses javascript tinymce editor as their default text editor. currently it as changed to gutenberg editor.

quick tag

all the button of text editor is a quick tag.


transient is a temporary storage. it could be in memory or in database.