Happy New Year 2021

Happy new year 2021 ! Finally the new year has arrived!! and the furious 2020 left us. What a terrible year it was !! No one imagined that a year like this might come in our lives. But we had to face it. Fortunately, the year has left us. We have entered a new year of 2021.

We hope in the new year, we will enter in a new time. All the problems, anxieties, pandemic and all other bad things will be gone away from our life. And the humanity will have a better time than ever before.

The corona virus has proved us we were wrong in our system, lifestyle and philosophy so far. It pointed the finger at our cruelty to nature, to humanity. We hope we will learn from the mistakes we made in the past. We will enter a new era where we will be more tolerant and kind towards nature, climate, people and all other things.

We hope to control the corona virus in the new year. We hope we will be able to make effective vaccines to prevent coronavirus. The people of the world will find a new future with new possibilities.

Although life was ruined by the corona virus last year, life did not stop there. We had to work for survival, for livelihood, although most of the work last year could not be completed due to Covid-19. Yet many aspects of life have stopped. Many economic activities have stopped.

In the new year, we hope that we can speed up our lives by controlling the Covid-19 and will start all kinds of economic activities.

I have been involved in the internet based profession since 2009. I worked in the field of graphic design, professional blogging, web design and development for a long time.

It has been almost an era in this profession. I was not able to update this site regularly for so many days for so many reasons. But this year I wish to spend quality time here in this site. I want to make my site richer with content, articles, blog, tutorial etc. The area where I work is very challenging. Always I need to get updated, learn new new skills find solutions related to my work. Hope this year, I’ll do better in this aspects.

I hope the new year will be very exciting. Good luck for all.

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