Auto compile Less in Sublime Text

Sublime text a very popular text editor among developers. There are lots of way, you can edit and customize Sublime text to make it suitable for you to make your working experience better. Today we are talking something like this to make your work through better in Sublime Text.

Nowadays developer use preprocessor like Less or Sass in their development instead of writing pure Css. But you know, each time your write a Less or Sass file, you need to compile it into Css file to get the output you wrote in your code.

There are lots of tools to to compile your Less or Sass file into CSS. However doing it again and again in development something boring and tedious task. What if we get a way to compile Less or Sass file automatically without doing any extra task!! Today we are going to show you how you can auto compile your less file without any extra effort. Your Less file will be compiled automatically when you save your Less file each time !! Sounds impossible, right! Let’s do it now.

First of all, you need to install Node.js in your computer.

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